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Fire Witch 'LIARS!' (Deluxe CD) (2009)


(BroFi003) CD Release of Australian band Fire Witch. Reissue of two extremely-rare EP's originally released on WeEmptyRooms in limited quantaties of 100 (Australia Only).

This special one off pressing of this awesome release, features Deluxe cardboard packaking, individually-hand-numbered and screen printed. Artwork by Jace Rogers (Fangs Of...)
Limited to 500 copies only.


DECIBEL MAGAZINE (Leah Sottille) Nov, 2010
If getting grabbed by the tits is your thing, skip ahead to the sixth minute of the first track of Fire Witch’s latest, Liars. You’ll get a quick volume hit there. But if you’re patient and listening for more than just noise, the first 5:59 of that track is a slow, waist-high slurry of thick, grimy riffage. At times, it cools down to just a notch above silent. And you’ll be falling asleep right when they decide to blast you right in the kisser. I imagine that’s exactly what this band was intending.

Melbourne, Australia’s Fire Witch lay four tracks (but just two songs) out here over the course of an hour—an effort they adorably catalog in the liner notes of the record. They admit to the following there: this was their first time in a studio, they weren’t on drugs, it took five years to get this fucker out, someone else paid for it, they hand-made every last copy and they have no intention of making more.

So, with only those notes and this record as context for this band, the trio expertly offers a patient, long-way-home instrumental record that is simplistic, but never dull. Tracks three and four are together “Critter/Kritta” (eeee! Australian accents!), a droning slow jog sopping wet in psychedelic guitars and breakneck drums that, by the fourth track, turns downright eerie. Liars is, what I imagine, like watching this band live: there’s feedback and an accidental rimshot here and there. If this is how they always sound, Fire Witch arethe Helvetica of stoner rock bands. Simple, clean. Artful not in what it is, but in the spaces it creates. —Leah Sottile