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Spider Goat Canyon/Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Japan Tour Split (CD) (2012)

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Spider Goat Canyon / Hotel Wrecking City Traders ‘Split‘
(November, 2012)

1.Brotherhood (Spider Goat Canyon)
2.Batch 18 (Spider Goat Canyon)
3.I draw the line at the clarinet (Spider Goat Canyon)
3. I (Hotel Wrecking City Traders)
4. II (Hotel Wrecking City Traders)

Recorded by // Sean Jenkins and Steve Brick
Mixing & Mastering // Sgt Walrus
Artwork // Joshua Beagley
All music copyright Spider Goat Canyon/Hotel Wrecking City Traders*

This is an audio document of a day spent in a rehearsal room in Melbourne, Australia - 20th May, 2012.


released 01 November 2012